A strong sense of number is at the heart of being able to do mathematics. NumberSense is developed in the early years of schooling.

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The NumberSense Workbook Series has been created to support children’s development of a robust sense of number and deep understanding of mathematics. The series is responsive to the developmental needs of children, is informed by current research on how children learn mathematics and provides a comprehensive mathematics solution.

  • From Grade R through to Grade 7 and beyond, we have the workbook for you.

    The NumberSense Workbook Series has been developed to provide independent written activities for children.

  • Our workbooks are filled with creative activities and fun illustrations.

    The richly illustrated pages are engaging and developmental in nature. Download a sample pages which can help you decide which workbook is best for the unique needs of your child.

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  • NumberSense Companion Workbook

    The Companion Workbooks are four activity based workbooks in the spirit of the NumberSense Workbooks that address measurement, geometry and data handling for the Intermediate Phase and Grade 7.

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