28 Aug 2014

Number Sense at sea

Troy and Tanner’s family is on holiday in Croatia. They decided to take their Number Sense workbooks with them. The boys attend Clifton school in Durban, South Africa. Clifton school uses the Number Sense program throughout all the grades in the Prep school.

26 Aug 2014

Interview with Nick Snow (eBizRadio) – Addressing problems in mathematics teaching in South Africa

Nick Snow of eBizRadio interviewed Aarnout Brombacher about the problems in mathematics education in South Africa. Some of the topics discussed are: Foundation Phase mathematics teacher in-class support The changing nature of teaching calculating How to deliver the curriculum in the modern world Understanding versus rote learning, illustrated by multiplication tables A proposed solution to… Read More

19 Aug 2014

Video Clips – The problem solving approach to teaching mathematics

In these clips Aarnout Brombacher outlines the problem solving approach to teaching Mathematics. These clips were made in collaboration with the Curro schools group, however any teacher or parent can learn from their content. The reality about mathematics education is in South Africa: Why we find ourselves in a position where so few of our… Read More

18 Aug 2014

Interview with Kieno Kammies (567 Cape Talk) – “How do we solve the maths problem in SA?”

Kieno Kammies from 567 Cape Talk interviewed Aarnout Brombacher about how we approach the under-performance in mathematics South Africa. Aarnout Brombacher is the owner and founder of Brombacher and Associates, who are the creators of the Number Sense Workbook Series.

18 Aug 2014

Newspaper article – “Yes we can find a solution to our school maths crisis”

We’re in the newspaper! Aarnout Brombacher, owner and founder of Brombacher and Associates, who are the creators of the Number Sense Workbook Series, was interviewed regarding his views on the crisis in Mathematics teaching and learning in South Africa. The article appeared in the Star newspaper on 29 July 2014. You can read the article… Read More

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