23 Sep 2015

Newspaper article – “Problem solving approach to mathematics pays off”

Sweet Valley Primary has shown that the problem centred approach to teaching mathematics has put their learners ahead. They were named as the top performing school in the South African Mathematics Challenge this year. It is no surprise that the school has been using the Number Sense Workbook series for many years since the workbooks… Read More

3 Sep 2015

Bridge House mathematics week

Bridge House preparatory school held their mathematics week on 17 – 21 September 2015. On the Friday, the Number Sense team joined in the fun. Aarnout spoke about “lucky” times at assembly and ran problem solving activities with the Grade 4s and Grade 5s. The Grade 4s were left with an unsolved problem and were… Read More

1 Sep 2015

New Number Sense car

Meet the latest member of the Number Sense team. This little car has the big task of driving Koliswa between the project schools in Port Elizabeth and East London. It’s almost 300 km between the two cities, which means this blue guy has a lot of hard work to do. A big thank you to… Read More

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21 Jul, 2018