Measurement, Geometry and Data Handling in the NumberSense Mathematics Programme

With the publication of the Companion Workbooks (for Grades 4 to 7) and Teacher Guides (for Grades R to 3) the NumberSense Mathematics Programme now provides complete curriculum coverage for Grades R to 7.

The NumberSense Companion Workbooks and Teacher Guides provide children with the same challenges and enjoyment that they get from the NumberSense Workbooks. The Companion Workbooks and Teacher Guides also maintain the tradition of supporting children to experience mathematics as a meaningful, sense-making, problem solving activity.

For Grades 4 to 7 we have developed the NumberSense Companion Workbooks. As with the NumberSense Workbooks, each child has their own workbook and works through this page by page with each page a comprehensive activity. For each NumberSense Companion Workbook (Grade 4 to 7) there is a full teacher guide (which includes answers) available on the NumberSense website (,za/User Support/Workbook Notes/Companion Workbooks). The Teacher Guide also provides a comprehensive list of resources that are needed in each class.

In the Foundation Phase learning about measurement, geometry and data handling is activity-based with suggested classroom activities described in the NumberSense Companion Teacher Guide. These Teacher Guides will be available for free download, from our website ( in January 2018, and they will also be available for purchase in print format from February 2018. The Grade R to 3 Teacher Guides assume that teachers have a range of materials in their classes as well as activity cards that structure the various activities with the range of resources.

The activity cards will be available for purchase as both complete grade sets, and as individual sets for each resource from early 2018.  More information (including costs etc.) about the range of activity cards will be available in early December 2017.

In the meantime, draft versions of the Foundation Phase Teacher Guides, and some of the activity cards, can be downloaded at no charge from the NumberSense website ( Years).

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