17 Jul 2018

NumberSense on social media

NumberSense has joined social media! Instagram: numbersense_programme Follow us on instragram to view the awesome images from our 2018 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference, captioned with very sincere and heartfelt feedback from those who use the NumberSense Mathematics Programme. We hope that over time, our instagram feed will tell a visual story of the work… Read More

10 Jul 2018

NumberSense Workbooks: Contributing to research

Aarnout Brombacher co-authored “Students’ Early Grade Understanding of the Equal Sign and Non-standard Equations in Jordan and India” as part of his international work in mathematics. Aarnout contributed to the article by describing how we deal with equivalence in the NumberSense Workbooks. To download the full article click here: Students’ Early Grade Understanding of the… Read More

Brombacher and Associates
21 Jul, 2018