Choosing the most appropriate NumberSense Workbook for a child

Children will benefit most from the NumberSense Workbook Series if they start with the workbook that matches their stage of number sense development. In that way they will be able to work confidently and independently through the workbook.

The workbooks are developmental in nature. Each workbook builds on the concepts and skills developed in the previous workbook. To gain as much as possible from the workbook series children should work through the materials in the sequence that they appear in the workbook.

To help you choose the NumberSense Workbook that is most appropriate for a particular child; three sample pages are available for each of the 26 workbooks in the series. These sample pages are available in all of the languages that the booklets have been translated into. The purpose of these sample pages is to assist you to decide on the first workbook that a child will start working in.

Using sample pages to choose the most appropriate workbook for a child

Use the NumberSense Workbook Grade level guide (below) to determine the ideal workbook for a child based on their Grade and the time of the year. Then:

  • Start with the sample pages from the workbook at least four workbooks before the ideal one.
  • Let the child work through these pages by him/herself.
  • If the child finds the activities on the pages too easy (and gets all the answers correct); repeat the exercise with the sample pages from the next workbook.
  • If the child struggles with the pages then repeat the exercise with the sample pages from an earlier workbook in the series.

The best initial workbook for a child is the workbook before the one in which the child starts to struggle.

Having decided on an initial workbook for a child let him/her work through that workbook and those that follow at a pace of at least one page per day.

The NumberSense Companion Workbooks are structured differently in that there is one book per year for each grade (Grade 4-7). As with the NumberSense workbooks:

  • There are no section headings
  • Activities are not grouped by curriculum topic, instead we visit and revisit topics throughout the year

For some activities the teacher will need to supply materials or have access to resources – important to plan each lesson (page/activity) well in advance (See our “Recommended Resources for Geometry, Measurement and Data Handling”, under the Resources tab)

Using the Workbooks

For a detailed discussion on using the Workbooks, go to the Workbook Notes under the User Support tab.

The NumberSense Workbooks assume differentiated support and classroom organisation with focus groups and independent work (i.e. developmental grouping and children on different workbooks). The NumberSense Companion Workbooks do not assume differentiated support and some activities can be dealt with by means of whole class teaching.

Suggested implementation of the NumberSense and Companion Workbooks, in an Intermediate Phase classroom situation, could look like this:

Week 1: Monday – Wednesday = NumberSense Workbook and Thursday – Friday = Companion Workbook

Week 2: Monday – Thursday = NumberSense Workbook and Friday = Companion Workbook

Classroom Organisation explained in more detail User Support/Using the Workbooks in your class



Sample PDF
Title Grade Number Range Download
Sample PDF
R 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Counting¹ Problems¹
ENG/ AFR Workbook 00 15 10
ENG/ AFR Workbook 0 20 10
ENG/ AFR Workbook 1 25 10
ENG/ AFR Workbook 2 35 20
ENG/ AFR Workbook 3 50 20
ENG/ AFR Workbook 4 110 25
ENG/ AFR Workbook 5 120 40
ENG/ AFR Workbook 6 150 50
ENG/ AFR Workbook 7 200 75
ENG/ AFR Workbook 8 200 100
ENG/ AFR Workbook 9 300 125
ENG/ AFR Workbook 10 500 150
ENG/ AFR Workbook 11 700 500
ENG/ AFR Workbook 12 1000 600
ENG/ AFR Workbook 13 Gr 4 Companion Workbooks ENG / AFR
ENG/ AFR Workbook 14
ENG/ AFR Workbook 15
ENG/ AFR Workbook 16 Gr 5 ENG / AFR
ENG/ AFR Workbook 17
ENG/ AFR Workbook 18
ENG/ AFR Workbook 19 Gr 6 ENG / AFR
ENG/ AFR Workbook 20
ENG/ AFR Workbook 21
ENG/ AFR Workbook 22 Gr 7 ENG / AFR
ENG/ AFR Workbook 23
ENG/ AFR Workbook 24
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21 Jul, 2018