17 Jul 2018

NumberSense on social media

NumberSense has joined social media! Instagram: numbersense_programme Follow us on instragram to view the awesome images from our 2018 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference, captioned with very sincere and heartfelt feedback from those who use the NumberSense Mathematics Programme. We hope that over time, our instagram feed will tell a visual story of the work… Read More

10 Jul 2018

NumberSense Workbooks: Contributing to research

Aarnout Brombacher co-authored “Students’ Early Grade Understanding of the Equal Sign and Non-standard Equations in Jordan and India” as part of his international work in mathematics. Aarnout contributed to the article by describing how we deal with equivalence in the NumberSense Workbooks. To download the full article click here: Students’ Early Grade Understanding of the… Read More

15 Jun 2018

NumberSense Mathematics Programme Updates

After very exciting and encouraging responses from those who attended and participated in our 2018 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference (held in May), we look forward to our workshops for the 3rd and 4th terms. Term 3 Workshops in Grahamstown, Cape Town and Johannesburg (please click on the appropriate town for further details and registration information):  Managing a Class: Putting… Read More

15 May 2018

The NumberSense Companion Activity Kit is ready!

The NumberSense Companion Activity Kit and the NumberSense Companion Resources are ready! The kit and resources will be launched at the NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference on the 25 and 26 May 2018.  This is the last chance to register for and attend the 2018 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference. In addition to attending… Read More

2 May 2018

Attention mathematics teachers!

Do you teach mathematics in the primary school? You are invited! Brombacher and Associates is hosting the third annual NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference at The Avenue (next to the Two Oceans Aquarium), V&A Waterfront, on 25 and 26 May 2018. An exciting feature of the conference is a Pre-Conference session from 9 am… Read More

27 Apr 2018

NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference

The NumberSense Mathematics Programme provides an innovative approach to teaching mathematics in the early years. The programme provides comprehensive curriculum coverage. Popular in classrooms, the programme has been adopted by a wide range of teachers and schools across the country; as well as a variety of organisations who incorporate the programme materials in their social… Read More

30 Jan 2018

NumberSense Mathematics Programme 2018 Workshops and News

Welcome to NumberSense in 2018! We hope that 2018 has started well and that your term is in full swing! We have finalised the dates and content for our 2018 workshops and will release further detail for sessions as the time draws closer. For now we have the confirmed detail for the Durban Workshop on… Read More

12 Oct 2017

Measurement, Geometry and Data Handling in the NumberSense Mathematics Programme

With the publication of the Companion Workbooks (for Grades 4 to 7) and Teacher Guides (for Grades R to 3) the NumberSense Mathematics Programme now provides complete curriculum coverage for Grades R to 7. The NumberSense Companion Workbooks and Teacher Guides provide children with the same challenges and enjoyment that they get from the NumberSense Workbooks. The… Read More

13 Mar 2017

Should we focus on teachers or students?

Aarnout Brombacher recently attended  the CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) conference in Atlanta, GA, US. This is a research conference and Aarnout presented a paper on the research work involving two NumberSense Workbook programmes. Below is the content of Aarnout’s presentation. Should we focus on teachers or students? The story of two approaches to… Read More

2 Mar 2017

User Group Conference – Share your story!

Share your NumberSense story  The second NumberSense User Group Conference will be held on 19 and 20 May 2017, in Cape Town. This year we are inviting teachers (as individuals or pairs) who use the NumberSense Workbooks to contribute to the User Group Conference by sharing their story. We want to hear these teacher’s stories… Read More

2 Mar 2017

1 Million NumberSense Workbooks

Press release article prepared by Kim Stephens: As the team at Brombacher and Associates packs their one millionth NumberSense Workbook to send out to yet another learner in a growing community of young South Africans that benefit from the series, the success of these workbooks makes perfect sense. NumberSense Workbooks continue to gain popularity in… Read More

23 Feb 2017

Corporate Social Investment Opportunity!

Rand Water Foundation has invested in education by supplying a number of schools with a branded GeoGenius Construction Kit. GeoGenius is a product of Brombacher and Associates, who also develop the NumberSense Workbooks. The world in which we live is made up of shapes and objects. The study of space and shape is called geometry – in developing… Read More

26 Jan 2017

Home grown mathematics solution

As we approach the exciting milestone of selling our millionth book we take pride in providing a home grown South African mathematics solution! Aarnout Brombacher, founder of Brombacher and Associates, who produce the NumberSense Workbook Series, has recently been interviewed regarding his thoughts on the recent Trends in International Maths and Science Study results as… Read More

10 Jan 2017

Number sense?

Number sense? Why is it important and how do you teach it? These questions are addressed and answered in the articles listed below. These are also questions that guided the development of the NumberSense Workbook Series. For further discussion around this in relation to the NumberSense Workbook Series, visit the User Support tab on our… Read More

15 Dec 2016

2017 Workshop Programme

Please click the heading “2017 Workshop Programme” for our 2017 Workshop Programme details! Watch the website – Workshop tab – for detailed updates! We look forward to another year of teacher support!  

6 Dec 2016

Aarnout Brombacher on safm

Listen to the podcast of the discussion involving Aarnout Brombacher on the Forum@8 (safm) 5 December 2016. “According to Trends in International Maths and Science Study, South Africa is almost dead last among 48 countries in terms of its maths and science education. Despite the low score, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga says the study… Read More

14 Oct 2016

NumberSense Mobile App

From 2017, the NumberSense Workbook Series will become available in mobile app format for both Android and Apple devices.  Without losing any of the rich pedagogical approaches that underpin the success of the paper version, the mobile version provides a range of additional benefits: Marking is automatic providing children with instant feedback. Teachers and parents… Read More

13 Oct 2016

Companion Workbook update

We are delighted to tell you that the production of the Grade 4, 5 and 6 NumberSense Companion Workbooks is on track. The Companion Workbooks go to the printers within two weeks and the printers are on standby to print them for delivery well in time for the 2017 school year. We anticipate loading the… Read More

5 Sep 2016

Play the “lucky value” game and participate in the challenges

Play the “lucky value” game and participate in the challenges The “lucky value” of the number on a number plate or in a telephone number is the total of all the palindrome points. Each palindrome in the number has a point value and the “lucky value” of the number is the total of all the… Read More

6 Sep 2016

User Group Conference 2017 – Save the date!

The dates for our 2017 User Group Conference have been set: 19, 20 May 2017 at a venue in Cape Town. Details to follow.  Contact conference@numbersense.co.za to reserve your spot!

29 Jan 2016

User Group Conference Update

Spaces for the Number Sense User Group Conference 2016 are filling up. Contact conference@numbersense.co.za to sign up. Here’s the latest update:

21 Dec 2015

Schools work with Shikaya – exciting feedback

As 2015 draws to a close, the Number Sense team looks back over another busy year. One of the highlights has been the Foundation Phase mathematics program that we run in partnership with Shikaya. We have provided training and support to 109 teachers in 12 schools across Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London. The… Read More

10 Dec 2015

Registration details for User Group Conference 2016

Th Number Sense User Group Conference registrations are now open. You can download the registration form by clicking here: NS CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM The first Number Sense Workbook User Group Conference promises to be a gathering of Number Sense Workbook users (teachers, parents and others) sharing experiences, networking and learning about product developments. The conference is… Read More

7 Dec 2015

Number Sense on Twitter

We are on Twitter! In our excitement for the User Group Conference in May we have launched a Twitter account. Our Twitter handle is @NSWKBKS. Follow us to keep updated on the User Group Conference, enter competitions and keep up with the latest in the Number Sense world.

24 Nov 2015

Save the date: Number Sense User Group Conference 2016

We are excited to announce the first Number Sense Workbook User Group Conference. On 20 – 21 May 2016 teachers, parents and other Number Sense users will gather to share experiences, network and learn about product developments. The conference is set to support users to maximise the potential of the Number Sense Workbook Series. Keep… Read More

3 Nov 2015

Number Sense makes us smile

On 28 October 2015, John from Claremont called in to Smile 90.4FM to share his reason for smiling. His reason for smiling is because his daughter loves maths. Her school uses the Number Sense workbooks and he says the books “brilliant”. Listen to the whole clip here: Number Sense Makes Us Smile_2015-10-28

21 Oct 2015

Making the most of the Number Sense workbooks workshop

We are pleased to announce that we are holding workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg in November. Aarnout Brombacher is presenting a one day workshop for Foundation and Intermediate Phase teachers on how to make the most of the Number Sense Workbooks in their classes. The Making the most of the Number Sense workbooks workshop is for… Read More

17 Oct 2015

Team building at the Cape Town Color Run

The girls at the B&A office decided to do the Cape Town Color Run together. What a happy, laughter-filled, powder covered, memorable day out in the sun! Here are some pics. Before: After:

14 Oct 2015

A proud moment – excellent review for our benchmarking tests

Recently we set benchmarking tests for one of our clients. Our clients then subjected these tests for them for independent review. Here is what the reviewer said: “I do believe that the tests can be used … pretty much as they are. The quality is high, their curriculum coverage good, the item difficulty level variation… Read More

23 Sep 2015

Newspaper article – “Problem solving approach to mathematics pays off”

Sweet Valley Primary has shown that the problem centred approach to teaching mathematics has put their learners ahead. They were named as the top performing school in the South African Mathematics Challenge this year. It is no surprise that the school has been using the Number Sense Workbook series for many years since the workbooks… Read More

3 Sep 2015

Bridge House mathematics week

Bridge House preparatory school held their mathematics week on 17 – 21 September 2015. On the Friday, the Number Sense team joined in the fun. Aarnout spoke about “lucky” times at assembly and ran problem solving activities with the Grade 4s and Grade 5s. The Grade 4s were left with an unsolved problem and were… Read More

1 Sep 2015

New Number Sense car

Meet the latest member of the Number Sense team. This little car has the big task of driving Koliswa between the project schools in Port Elizabeth and East London. It’s almost 300 km between the two cities, which means this blue guy has a lot of hard work to do. A big thank you to… Read More

6 Aug 2015

News from the Eastern Cape

Three months ago, together with Shikaya, we started a mathematics project in the Eastern Cape. Recent reports tell us that the project is going incredibly well and the teachers and children are positive. Koliswa, one of our project workers, has been working intensively with the teachers at schools in Port Elizabeth and East London. What… Read More

29 Jul 2015

Partnership with Helderberg Sunrise Rotary Club

The Helderberg Sunrise Rotary club has started a project which aims at improving mathematics education and learning at two schools in Macassar in the Western Cape. They have decided to use the Number Sense workbooks as part of their project. We are also helping them with the research of whether their project is meeting their… Read More

7 Jul 2015

Number lines for sale

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Number Sense number line. We have designed a number line that is perfect for use in any classroom situation. It is easy to use as it rolls away neatly while still providing a large number range. On the reverse side it is graduated and since it… Read More

27 May 2015

Meet a Number Sense fan

We love providing support to schools that use the Number Sense Workbook Series. At a recent school support visit Ewan Munks, a boy from Clifton School in Durban, was very enthusiastic about using the Number Sense workbooks. He’s pictured here with Aarnout, one of the writers of the workbooks. We often meet boys and girls… Read More

6 Mar 2015

Developing Number Sense workshop 28 March 2015

After numerous requests, we are pleased to announce that we are holding a Number Sense workshop on Saturday 28 March 2015, at Sweet Valley Primary School in Bergvliet, Cape Town. The Developing Number Sense workshop is for teachers using the Number Sense Workbook Series for the first time, those who have used it for a… Read More

18 Feb 2015

Another satisfied client

One of our clients asked us to write a set of textbooks for Grade 7, 8 and 9 with the same problem centred approach that is used in the Number Sense Workbook Series. We jumped at the opportunity and after a lot of work we are excited that there are already teachers and children using… Read More

20 Dec 2014

More Mathematics in 2015 please

Here is a media release article about some of the project work we undertook this year. More Mathematics in 2015 please C. Moore – December 2014 Picture: Mrs Oliver at Harmony Primary working with a group of children on the mat. After making approximately 670 classroom visits, issuing 3 700 Number Sense workbooks and working with… Read More

27 Nov 2014

Half a million workbooks sold

We have reached a milestone. On 25 November 2014, we sold our 500 000th Number Sense workbook! Without a doubt, we are ecstatic. The Number Sense Workbook Series was created in 2009 to support our in-class teacher training programs. Our team saw the need for materials that were easy for children to engage with as well as… Read More

31 Oct 2014

Five secrets to transform your maths class

You won’t find the Number Sense team sitting behind our desks on an average day. We’ll be out working in schools to improve mathematics education in South Africa. You’ll find us in a variety of contexts from urban to rural and from rich to poor. One of the places we work in is the Cape… Read More

10 Sep 2014

Number Sense in the movies

We’re going to be in a movie! Recently we asked if one of the Number Sense Workbooks to be used as a featured prop in a scene of a movie called Eye in the Sky. Obviously, we said yes. The film will star Hellen Mirren. The script, written by BAFTA winner Guy Hibbert, follows a military… Read More

28 Aug 2014

Number Sense at sea

Troy and Tanner’s family is on holiday in Croatia. They decided to take their Number Sense workbooks with them. The boys attend Clifton school in Durban, South Africa. Clifton school uses the Number Sense program throughout all the grades in the Prep school.

26 Aug 2014

Interview with Nick Snow (eBizRadio) – Addressing problems in mathematics teaching in South Africa

Nick Snow of eBizRadio interviewed Aarnout Brombacher about the problems in mathematics education in South Africa. Some of the topics discussed are: Foundation Phase mathematics teacher in-class support The changing nature of teaching calculating How to deliver the curriculum in the modern world Understanding versus rote learning, illustrated by multiplication tables A proposed solution to… Read More

19 Aug 2014

Video Clips – The problem solving approach to teaching mathematics

In these clips Aarnout Brombacher outlines the problem solving approach to teaching Mathematics. These clips were made in collaboration with the Curro schools group, however any teacher or parent can learn from their content. The reality about mathematics education is in South Africa: Why we find ourselves in a position where so few of our… Read More

18 Aug 2014

Interview with Kieno Kammies (567 Cape Talk) – “How do we solve the maths problem in SA?”

Kieno Kammies from 567 Cape Talk interviewed Aarnout Brombacher about how we approach the under-performance in mathematics South Africa. Aarnout Brombacher is the owner and founder of Brombacher and Associates, who are the creators of the Number Sense Workbook Series.

18 Aug 2014

Newspaper article – “Yes we can find a solution to our school maths crisis”

We’re in the newspaper! Aarnout Brombacher, owner and founder of Brombacher and Associates, who are the creators of the Number Sense Workbook Series, was interviewed regarding his views on the crisis in Mathematics teaching and learning in South Africa. The article appeared in the Star newspaper on 29 July 2014. You can read the article… Read More

19 Nov 2013

Welcome to the Number Sense Workbook Series website

We are delighted that the Number Sense Workbook Series website has been launched. Although there is still much that we plan and have to do – the basics are in place and we hope that teachers, parents and friends of the Number Sense Workbook Series will start using it. Among many other treasures you will find… Read More

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18 Aug, 2018