30 Jan 2018

NumberSense Mathematics Programme 2018 Workshops and News

Welcome to NumberSense in 2018! We hope that 2018 has started well and that your term is in full swing! We have finalised the dates and content for our 2018 workshops and will release further detail for sessions as the time draws closer. For now we have the confirmed detail for the Durban Workshop on… Read More

12 Oct 2017

Measurement, Geometry and Data Handling in the NumberSense Mathematics Programme

With the publication of the Companion Workbooks (for Grades 4 to 7) and Teacher Guides (for Grades R to 3) the NumberSense Mathematics Programme now provides complete curriculum coverage for Grades R to 7. The NumberSense Companion Workbooks and Teacher Guides provide children with the same challenges and enjoyment that they get from the NumberSense Workbooks. The… Read More

13 Mar 2017

Should we focus on teachers or students?

Aarnout Brombacher recently attended  the CIES (Comparative and International Education Society) conference in Atlanta, GA, US. This is a research conference and Aarnout presented a paper on the research work involving two NumberSense Workbook programmes. Below is the content of Aarnout’s presentation. Should we focus on teachers or students? The story of two approaches to… Read More

2 Mar 2017

User Group Conference – Share your story!

Share your NumberSense story  The second NumberSense User Group Conference will be held on 19 and 20 May 2017, in Cape Town. This year we are inviting teachers (as individuals or pairs) who use the NumberSense Workbooks to contribute to the User Group Conference by sharing their story. We want to hear these teacher’s stories… Read More

2 Mar 2017

1 Million NumberSense Workbooks

Press release article prepared by Kim Stephens: As the team at Brombacher and Associates packs their one millionth NumberSense Workbook to send out to yet another learner in a growing community of young South Africans that benefit from the series, the success of these workbooks makes perfect sense. NumberSense Workbooks continue to gain popularity in… Read More

Brombacher and Associates
20 Mar, 2018