1 September 2022

MathsSense: the Grade 8 & 9 mathematics solution!

  • MathsSense Mathematics Programme

    MathsSense: the Grade 8 & 9 mathematics solution!

    The MathsSense Mathematics Programme offers an independent study solution for Grade 8 and 9 mathematics.

    The MathsSense Mathematics Programme for Grades 8 and up is a natural extension of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme, that consists of video lessons with exercises for each lesson. The video lessons are supplied on a USB drive with the exercises and solutions in the form of a book.

    MathsSense offers:

    • A comprehensive mathematics solution for independent study.
    • A school programme for mathematics in which students watch the video lessons and teachers/tutors lead reflective discussions on the video lessons and provide support to students with the exercises.
    • Learning support to students who need additional resources to make progress in their study of mathematics.

    Please contact info@MathsSense.co.za for further information.