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30 Nov 2023 2024 Workshop dates and detail (Terms 1 and 2) Registration is open for our 2024 workshops and conferences.
02 May 2023 The NumberSense Mathematics Programme enhancements Review the enhanced NumberSense Workbooks!
03 Mar 2023 User Group Conference Newsflash The 2023 NumberSense User Group Conference promises to be the best yet!
29 Nov 2022 NumberSense Mathematics Programme Journeys NumberSense Journeys: What our User Group has to say!
27 May 2022 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference 2022 Planning for the 2022 NumberSense User Group Conference is well on track and registration is open.
19 Mar 2020 CONFERENCE: Postponed to 31 July & 1 August 2020 We have taken the decision to postpone the conference to the 31 July & 1 August 2020.
03 Mar 2020 2020 User Group Conference The NumberSense Conference is a wonderful two-day networking and learning opportunity.
13 Jan 2020 Welcome to 2020 Here are some of the support activities that we have planned for the year.
03 Oct 2019 NumberSense Mathematics Programme Term 4 News Managing problem-solving in the NumberSense classroom is a new workshop that focuses on the role of problems.