Category: Foundation Phase

30 Nov 2023 2024 Workshop dates and detail (Terms 1 and 2) Registration is open for our 2024 workshops and conferences.
12 Oct 2023 The NumberSense Comprehensive Workbooks are here! The NumberSense Comprehensive Workbooks were introduced through a very interactive workshop.
21 Aug 2023 The NumberSense Comprehensive Workbooks The Comprehensive Workbooks provide a coherent mathematics programme that addresses all the elements of the primary school mathematics curriculum in one place.
03 Mar 2023 User Group Conference Newsflash The 2023 NumberSense User Group Conference promises to be the best yet!
22 Nov 2022 NumberSense Companion The NumberSense Companion materials.
08 Sep 2022 GeoGenius Visualisation Kit The GeoGenius Visualisation Kit: a fun-filled teaching and learning resource to develop confidence in seeing objects from different perspectives.
25 Aug 2022 GeoGenius Construction Kit GeoGenius Construction Kit: A fun-filled teaching and learning resource for the study of 3D geometry.
10 Jun 2022 Brombacher & Associates’ role in the National Numeracy Programme (Malawi) The National Numeracy Programme is a Government of Malawi programme led by the Ministry of Education. The programme aims to improve learning outcomes in mathematics by strengthening foundational skills.
27 May 2022 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference 2022 Planning for the 2022 NumberSense User Group Conference is well on track and registration is open.