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22 Nov 2022 NumberSense Companion The NumberSense Companion materials.
08 Sep 2022 GeoGenius Visualisation Kit The GeoGenius Visualisation Kit: a fun-filled teaching and learning resource to develop confidence in seeing objects from different perspectives.
25 Aug 2022 GeoGenius Construction Kit GeoGenius Construction Kit: A fun-filled teaching and learning resource for the study of 3D geometry.
01 Mar 2021 Including NumberSense in children’s screen time makes good sense! Interactive and adaptive, the NumberSense App is responsive to the developmental level of the child.
17 Feb 2021 Getting to know NumberSense The NumberSense Mathematics Programme is informed by current research on how children learn mathematics and provides a comprehensive mathematics solution for Grades R to 7.
03 Jun 2020 The NumberSense App: Workbook 12 released! The NumberSense App: Workbook 12 released! Nearly 3 000 children have started using the NumberSense App since the start of the lockdown associated with COVID-19.
03 May 2020 The NumberSense App is proving its value in the closed school context! More than 2 000 new children and an increasing number of schools are now using the NumberSense App very successfully as part of their learning.
18 Mar 2020 Coronavirus Response As we try to manage and reduce the impact of the coronavirus, we cannot, however, also lose sight of our struggle to improve the learning of mathematics.
13 Jan 2020 Welcome to 2020 Here are some of the support activities that we have planned for the year.