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10 Jun 2022 Brombacher & Associates’ role in the National Numeracy Programme (Malawi) The National Numeracy Programme is a Government of Malawi programme led by the Ministry of Education. The programme aims to improve learning outcomes in mathematics by strengthening foundational skills.
01 Aug 2018 NumberSense on Social Media NumberSense has joined social media: Instagram and Twitter.
10 Jul 2018 NumberSense Workbooks: Contributing to research Aarnout Brombacher's international work in mathematics sheds light on early grade understanding of the equal sign.
13 Mar 2018 Should we focus on teachers or students? Excerpt from a conference where Aarnout presented a paper on his research work involving two NumberSense Workbook programmes.
12 Oct 2017 Measurement, Geometry and Data Handling in the NumberSense Mathematics Programme The NumberSense Mathematics Programme now provides complete curriculum coverage from Grade R to Grade 7.