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01 Mar 2021 Including NumberSense in children’s screen time makes good sense! Interactive and adaptive, the NumberSense App is responsive to the developmental level of the child.
17 Feb 2021 Getting to know NumberSense The NumberSense Mathematics Programme is informed by current research on how children learn mathematics and provides a comprehensive mathematics solution for Grades R to 7.
03 Aug 2020 Daily Manipulating Number Videos The NumberSense videos provide 10 minutes of structured daily practice with manipulating numbers (mental arithmetic) for Grade 1 to 5 students.
20 Aug 2018 NumberSense Product Update We are delighted to introduce the NumberSense Companion Activity Kit and Resources.
15 May 2018 The NumberSense Companion Activity Kit is Ready! The NumberSense Companion Activity Kit and the NumberSense Companion Resources are ready!
02 May 2018 Attention mathematics teachers! Do you teach mathematics in the primary school? You are invited!
27 Apr 2018 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference The NumberSense Mathematics Programme provides an innovative approach to teaching mathematics in the early years.