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17 Feb 2021 Getting to know NumberSense The NumberSense Mathematics Programme is informed by current research on how children learn mathematics and provides a comprehensive mathematics solution for Grades R to 7.
02 Mar 2017 User Group Conference – Share your story! The second NumberSense User Group Conference will be held on 19 and 20 May 2017 in Cape Town.
23 Feb 2017 Corporate Social Investment Opportunity! Rand Water Foundation has invested in education by supplying a number of schools with a branded GeoGenius Construction Kit.
26 Jan 2017 Homegrown Mathematics Solution We take pride in providing a homegrown South African mathematics solution - as our one millionth workbook is about to be sold!
10 Jan 2017 Number Sense? Articles that lead to answers of questions that guided the development of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme.
15 Dec 2016 2017 Workshop Programme Watch this space for details of our 2017 Workshop Programme.
06 Dec 2016 Aarnout Brombacher on SAfm Aarnout Brombacher, along with a panel of experts, gives input on the Mathematics crisis in South Africa.
14 Oct 2016 NumberSense Mobile App The NumberSense Workbook Series will become available in mobile app format from early next year.
13 Oct 2016 Companion Workbook Update The Grade 4, 5 and 6 NumberSense Companion Workbooks are in production.