MathsSense Grade 9

The MathsSense Mathematics Programme has been developed as a foundational high school mathematics course. It is well-aligned with the South African mathematics curriculum with respect to content and content progression. The MathsSense Mathematics Programme consists of video lessons with exercises for each lesson. The video lessons are supplied on a USB drive with the exercises and solutions available in hard copy.

The MathsSense Mathematics Programme can be used as:

  • A comprehensive mathematics teaching and learning programme for independent study.
  • A school-based mathematics programme where students watch the video lessons, and teachers lead reflective discussions on the video lessons and provide support to students with the exercises.
  • Learning support to students who need additional support or resources to make progress in their study of mathematics.

NOTE: The MathsSense Mathematics Programme is a foundational high school mathematics course. For ease of distribution, it is packaged by Grade (Grades 8 & 9). In the contents for each Grade, units may be numbered, e.g. Theorem of Pythagoras I. Please note that the other units may not be in the same Grade. They could appear in an earlier Grade or in a later Grade.