• Workbook 13-24 Teacher Guides

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  • Companion Grade 4-7 Teacher Guides

    With the publication of the NumberSense Companion Workbooks and Teacher Guides, we complete the mathematics curriculum coverage for Grades 4 to 7. It is our hope that the NumberSense Companion Workbooks will provide children with the same challenges and enjoyment that they get from the NumberSense Workbooks, helping them to experience mathematics as a meaningful, sense-making, problem-solving activity.

    The notes in the Visualisation User Guide support and extend the discussions generated by particular card sets and views. Each set in each level has been developed to follow a deliberate conceptual progression.

    Companion Grade 4 Teacher Guide
    Companion Grade 5 Teacher Guide
    Companion Grade 6 Teacher Guide
    Companion Grade 7 Teacher Guide
    Visualisation Kit User Guide
  • Workbook 13-24 Solution Sets

    The NumberSense Mathematics workbooks have been developed to provide children with daily, independent practice with foundational mathematics skills that research has shown to be predictive of future success in mathematics.

    Success in mathematics relies on knowing a range of mathematical concepts and skills, being able to apply that knowledge and those skills in a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts and being able to understand and reason about what you are doing.

    Success in mathematics is so much more than “getting the right answer”! We have resisted producing solution sets for the workbooks for fear that the focus of the work in the workbooks shifts from noticing and reflecting on the patterns and mathematical structure that the activities on each page are designed to reveal, to merely checking if the answers are correct or not. That said, as more and more teachers use the workbooks in their classes it is also important that they are confident in knowing the correct solutions to each of the questions on a page. As you reflect on the work that children have done on each page, be sure to ask questions such as:

    • How did you do that?
    • Why did you do that?
    • What did you notice?
    • Have you done this before? How is this different from what you did last time?

    The solutions for the Companion Workbooks for Grades 4-7 can also be used as part of the Companion Workbook Teacher Guides.

    This solution set is a first draft of the solutions for this workbook. Please write to us at info@NumberSense.co.za to inform us of any errors that you may pick up as you work with the solution set.

    Workbook 13 Solution Set
    Workbook 14 Solution Set
    Workbook 15 Solution Set
    Workbook 16 Solution Set
    Workbook 17 Solution Set
    Workbook 18 Solution Set
    Workbook 19 Solution Set_resources
    Workbook 20 Solution Set
    Workbook 21 Solution Set
    Workbook 22 Solution Set
    Workbook 23 Solution Set
    Workbook 24 Solution Set