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Shikaya is a non-profit civil society organisation that recognises the crucial role that teachers can play in deepening and strengthening South Africa’s democracy. As such, Shikaya supports the personal and professional development of teachers to create a South Africa in which young people in schools are inspired and supported to become responsible citizens and future in our democracy, valuing diversity, human rights and peace.

Shikaya and the NumberSense Workbook Series

Shikaya has partnered with Brombacher and Associates to provide in-class mathematics training to Foundation Phase teachers in schools across South Africa. As part of the project, Number Sense Workbooks are supplied to every Grade 1, 2 and 3 child in each school. Teacher support and training is provided alongside the distribution of the workbooks so that the workbooks are used in the best possible way.

The mathematics teacher training project started in 2014 with 3 schools in the Central District in Cape Town, and has rapidly grown to 12 schools: 8 in Cape Town, 2 in East London and 2 in Port Elizabeth. Key similarities between the project schools are that they are situated in low socio-economic areas and have teachers that are eager to learn. Each Grade 1, 2 and 3 teacher is visited weekly in their classroom by a project worker who coaches the teacher towards improving their mathematics teaching.

Brombacher and Associates is looking forward to a continued positive relationship with Shikaya and trusts that their combined efforts will help to improve the standard of Mathematics education in the Foundation Phase across South Africa.

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JumpStart is an NPO with a background in youth development programmes. Their name, “JumpStart”, and credo – ‘Thinking it forward’ covers just about everything they do. Giving those, without a leg-up, a decisive JumpStart through the “Three Keys” of Education, Qualification and Employment.

Since 2002 it has run Youth Education, Skills Development and Social Entrepreneurial initiatives to sustainably empower South African youth. With origins in the ICT Sectors the programme grew into an industry-accredited learning and employment program that is known today as the JumpStart Software Labs.

Two key factors had a dramatic effect on the success of the Labs:

  • The first came from the learners themselves. From early on a culture of “Think It Forward” began to develop within the JumpStart Labs. Previous learners gave of their own time and new-found expertise to jump-start their peers and new recruits. This fostered a mentorship relationship amongst the learners which continues to this day in their working environments.
  • The second significant factor was the close partnership with private companies. The number of software engineers in South Africa is limited and the opportunity exists to grow this capacity with local resourcing. The JumpStart Engagement Model, a commercial service offering to the local economy was initiated to fill the gap. Under private company mentorship the learners took to the market with their new-found careers to deliver on real-world software solutions.

More recently JumpStart has started to extend its programmes into schools in the South African townships of Diepsloot, Eldorado Park and Soweto and in the Underberg region of KZN. The emphasis here is education interventions to address the pre-requisite foundations in Numeracy and Computer Science.

JumpStart has thus partnered with Aarnout Brombacher of Brombacher and Associates in bringing their NumberSense programme as a Numeracy intervention into the primary schools.

JumpStart and the NumberSense Workbook Series

JumpStart has adopted the NumberSense Workbook Series as a vehicle for making a difference in the mathematical experiences of children in schools supported by JumpStart.

Schools are being supplied with workbooks for their children, appropriate training for their teachers and year-round in-class and in-school support by a team of appropriately qualified and trained interns. We call these interns the “JumpStart Tutors”.

This tutor is there to support the teachers in the NumberSense programme and to provide on-the- ground quality assurance of the programme’s success. This tutoring support targets unemployed matriculants in South African and further helps to develop their own academic and career aspirations as they intern with JumpStart on the NumberSense programme.

In addition to the workbooks, training and support, the JumpMedia Labs and JumpStart Software Labs are partnering with Brombacher and Associates to develop both video and software support for the programme. This enables the programme to scale effectively.

The video materials will consist of short vignettes that deal with topics such as the need for number sense in general and the Number Sense Workbook Series in particular; how to use the workbooks effectively and discussion on the role of the different features of the workbooks.

Software being developed will assist the project manager to monitor progress by children in their workbooks at all schools and in so doing enabling the project to deliver workbooks on a just-in-time basis to children as they finish one workbook and need the next. Other software applications include a management of annual testing and monitoring of progress suite.

As connectivity in rural schools is not always possibly the Number Sense applications are made accessible via mobile tablet and iPad applications enabling teachers and field workers to capture the information onsite with immediate remote access and reporting.

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Enlighten Education Trust


The Enlighten Education Trust was founded in 2002 to encourage and support the transformation of education and of life in the schools and communities of the Overstrand, Western Cape Province.

Enlighten responds to the needs identified by schools and communities themselves, whether these are based on curriculum and management, teaching and learning, or parental and community participation and involvement.

Their experience has been that the quality of education in general will not improve unless the problems in education are tackled from a variety of angles. For this reason Enlighten Education Trust intervenes in schools from management, curriculum, youth and social perspectives.

Enlighten Education Trust has achieved enormous credibility with schools, the WCED and educational stakeholders as well as the community.

Enlighten and the Number Sense Workbook Series

One of the support areas of the Enlighten Education trust is curriculum support. In 2010 Brombacher and Associates (the creators of the Number Sense Workbook Series) started their partnership with the Enlighten Education Trust in order to support and improve Mathematics education in the Foundation Phase.

Number Sense Workbooks were supplied to every Grade 1 – 3 child in eleven schools in Overstrand district each year until the end of 2014. Teacher support and training was provided alongside the distribution of the workbooks so that the workbooks were used in the best possible way. Looking back there is a history of in-class support, lesson demonstration, teacher training and continued encouragement for these schools. Looking forward, many schools have started to purchase the Number Sense workbooks themselves as well as the teachers using the skills they acquired through the teacher support and training.

In addition to the relationship with schools in the Overberg District, Enlighten Education Trust was instrumental in starting similar program in three schools in the Metro South district in Cape Town in April 2014. These schools are situated in low socio-economic areas and the team has provided in-class teaching support as well as Number Sense Workbooks to all the Grade 1 – 3 children at the schools. Although the project was taken over by Shikaya in April 2015, Enlighten’s initiative to start the project has not been not forgotten.

Brombacher and Associates is looking forward to a continued positive relationship with the Enlighten Education Trust and trusts that their combined efforts will help to improve the standard of Mathematics education in the Foundation Phase.

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Brombacher and Associates
21 Jul, 2018