• Resources and User Support

    Our support materials and activities include:

    • Web-based user guides:
      • User Guides for the NumberSense Workbooks 1-24
      • User guides for the NumberSense Companion activities and workbooks Gr R-7
      • Downloadable print masters of teaching aids
    • Classroom resources:
      • GeoGenius Construction Kit
      • GeoGenius Visualisation Kit
      • NumberSense Companion Activity Kit and resources
      • Number line
      • Flard cards
      • Projection Files
    • User Support:
      • Regular teacher and parent workshops in major centres across the country
      • Annual NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference
      • School support tailored to the specific needs
    Resources for a NumberSense Classroom
    Events (Workshops and Conferences)
    NumberSense Product Range
  • Numberlines

    A durable, double-sided number line from 0-120. One side has numbers while the other side is graduated only. An important tool to support children develop their mental number line. It is possible to write on
    and wipe off the number line using non-permanent marking pens.


    Purchase a Numberline, or download the template
  • Flard Cards

    Flard cards allow children to build up numbers from and break down numbers into their constituent thousand, hundred, ten and unit elements. Sets of 36 cards (1 – 9, 10 – 90, 100 -900, & 1000 – 9000) made from sturdy cardboard are available in six different colours.


    Purchase Flard Cards, or download the template
  • Companion Kits

    The NumberSense Activity Kit contains one set of each of the activity cards. The Activity Kit can also be purchased as a part of a classroom set which includes the activity cards as well as the corresponding NumberSense Companion resources.

    NumberSense Companion Materials
  • GeoGenius Kits

    The GeoGenius Construction Kit is a fun-filled teaching and learning aid for the study of three dimensional (3-D) geometry, developing geometric thinking and understanding through play. Using bright, precision-manufactured, sturdy cardboard shapes and elastic bands supplied in the GeoGenius Construction Kit, it is possible to assemble a wide range of objects quickly and easily.

    The GeoGenius Visualisation Kit is a fun-filled teaching and learning aid to develop confidence in seeing objects from different positions or points of view. In the visualisation activities of this kit, four players work together to construct a 3-D arrangement of blocks where each player only has information about one view of the arrangement. Extra card sets are available for download.