Hi. I thought I should bring you up to date regarding our progress with Number Sense Workbooks. Our boys have been using the workbooks for 3 years. They are flying through them and we find they challenge the boys who find the CAPS curriculum too easy.

We have also recently been told that the Grade 8 average at Selborne College has improved by nearly 15%. We are in the process of putting all these statistics together along with the Conquesta Olympiad and ANA results and are confident that we are going to find that we have had a steady increase in overall results.

We are very excited about how the boys are challenged by Number Sense because we feel that the new syllabus isn’t doing that. The weaker boys are not as advanced but their attitude towards maths has changed in that:

a)      they complete a page a day,
b)      their mental arithmetic has improved, and
c)      they are not nervous when approaching word problems.

We are planning a parent- child maths challenge because we are keen to show our parents what their children are capable of. This will cover the basic concepts taught in Number Sense in be the form of a race with a few family maths ideas thrown in.

We are really excited about the progress that has been made thanks to Number Sense.

Teacher, Selborne Primary

Thank you once again for the opportunity to share with you some thoughts about the impact of the Number Sense at our school, A.W. Barnes Primary.

It has been many years that we, as a school, struggled to get our mathematics teaching quality at a very good level throughout our school. The major challenge for our teachers has been the large number of learners in our classes. Number Sense was introduced into our school earlier this year by Brombacher and Associates, through the mediation of Shikaya.  It has been the best intervention that happened in our school for a number of years. Small group teaching was re-introduced and the benefits were immediately visible. All the learners in the class were kept busy. Whilst a group of learners were on the mat, the other learners carried on with activities in their Number Sense workbooks.

Our 14 teachers in the Foundation Phase were all excited about the introduction of Number Sense. A remarkable improvement in the numeracy literacy has been achieved. Learners in Grade 1 have extended their numeracy boundaries. The learners’ ability to solve problems has also improved. The Grade 2 and 3 teachers expressed their excitement because at the start of next year they can just proceed with the activities in the Number Sense workbooks because our learners now have the ability to work independently.

The improvement in mathematics teaching has led to some of our learners receiving awards for mental mathematics, reading and spelling at a recent East London District competition run by the Department of Education. We believe the confidence that the learners have acquired in mathematics is assisting them with the other learning areas.

We look forward to the extension of number sense program next year.

Mr G. Gamiet (Principal), A. W. Barnes Primary School

I just wanted to thank the Number Sense series developers sincerely. My daughter is completing her final Number Sense book in the next few weeks of Term 1 Grade 7. A wonderful, wonderful foundation that will support her future Math with greater confidence.

Liza, Namibia

I am using your workbooks in my Community Maths clinic that I started at my church. Any learner can attend these classes for free on a Wednesday afternoon. I feel that God is sending the learners because I do not advertise! The learners vary from Gr 1 to Gr 12. There is approximately 30 – 40 learners attending of which 16 of them are from the local children’s Home. Your workbooks really help me to handle the big variety of learners who attend.

Many blessings

Stina, Kempton Park

We recently received your letter about the changes to the Number Sense workbooks and I just wanted to let you know that I think this is a fantastic idea. It will definitely be much better that the books are not labeled with a specific grade to allow for greater flexibility. We have found that not all the children have completed all the books for their current grade and there are others who are definitely ready to move on to the next grades books.

We also appreciate that you are constantly improving and that you are obviously taking teacher’s requests and feedback into consideration. These books are a valuable resource and we will certainly encourage our intermediate phase to consider using the new books that you are developing as well as suggesting to colleagues at other schools that they investigate the Number Sense series. In the 15 years that I have been teaching this is certainly the most worthwhile workbook that I have used.

I also wanted to say that we have been discussing the workbooks in our phase and we can most definitely see an improvement in our children’s ability. We recently did the ‘Living Maths Olympiad’ and our girls coped much better than in previous years. We all agree that it can be attributed to your workbooks….

Thank you so much. Yours with a smile

Jacki Steffen, Micklefield Girls School

John called Smile 90.5FM to tell them how brilliant he thinks the Number Sense workbooks are. He said that his daughter absolutely loves going to school and doing mathematics.

Listen to the sound clip by clicking here: Number Sense Makes Us Smile_2015-10-28

John, Claremont

Brombacher and Associates
21 Jul, 2018