Projection Grade R-7 Download

To enable the projection of the NumberSense Workbook (Original and Comprehensive) page or exercise that the class is busy with we make available projection files of the NumberSense Workbooks (Original and Comprehensive). The NumberSense Workbook projection files allow teachers to project the workbooks onto a screen using a computer and data projector or smart-board.

This download contains the grade appropriate workbooks in both English and Afrikaans. In order to access these files you will need to install the CopySafe exe which is also included in the download.

Note: Compatible with Windows (and iOS if Windows is run in parallel)
Expires 31 December 2024

Please download (at no charge) the 2024 NumberSense Workbooks (Original and Comprehensive) CopySafe files from here: Download files

The link will direct you to a WeTransfer page, and from here the files can be downloaded.