• A Demonstration NumberSense Lesson in the Intermediate Classroom

    An overview of a complete NumberSense lesson for the Intermediate Phase.

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  • Managing an Intermediate Phase Classroom

    In the Intermediate Phase, there are four different types of Workbook pages. Three of the four page types are found in the NumberSense Workbooks and the fourth is found in the NumberSense Companion Workbook.

    • NumberSense Workbook
      • Practice pages
      • Calculation strategy pages
      • Concept development pages
        • Fractions
        • Pre-algebra patterning
        • Ratio, rate etc.
    • NumberSense Companion pages

    Each of these pages has a specific teaching approach associated with it.

    Concept Development
    It goes without saying that throughout the workbooks we are supporting children in developing mathematical concepts (knowledge, skills etc.). Key concepts that are being developed in the Intermediate Phase include:

    • The fraction concept
    • Pre-algebraic thinking (patterns and patterning)
    • Ratio

    The methodology of the NumberSense Programme is to use situations or problems to reveal mathematics rather than to tell children how to do certain procedures. In this spirit, concepts are developed gradually and over a long period of time (along well-defined developmental trajectories), with children developing an increasingly rich and deep understanding of the concept.

    Practice Pages

    In each NumberSense Workbook there are a large number of pages where the sole purpose is to provide practice on concepts and skills with which the children should already be familiar. The pages typically include activities that provide practice with:

    • Counting
    • Calculations
    • Measurement
    • Other familiar mathematics concepts.

    Calculation Strategies

    Foundational to all mathematics is a sense of number, which includes the ability to calculate fluently and flexibly – strong mental arithmetic. Beyond Grade 3, the calculation strategies that were developed in the earlier years are no longer sufficient for the increasing number range in which we are working. The calculation strategy pages provide children with exposure to an increasing range of mental mathematics strategies.

    See the Resources tab for a list of the Calculation Strategies in Workbooks 13-24.

    Companion Pages

    The NumberSense Companion Workbook pages deal with:

    • Space and Shape (Geometry)
    • Measurement
    • Data Handling

    In the Foundation Phase, learning in these areas was largely activity based with children learning through play. In the Intermediate Phase this “free play” shifts to more “focused play” (investigations).

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