• A Demonstration NumberSense Lesson

    An overview of a complete NumberSense lesson for Grade 6.

    Before reading further, and watching the videos in the next section, it may be useful to read through the NumberSense classroom management notes (Intermediate Phase) found under the Resources/A NumberSense Classroom tab.

    NumberSense Mathematics Grade 6 Lesson Overview
  • Managing an Intermediate Phase Classroom

    In the Intermediate Phase, there are four different types of Workbook pages. Three of the four page types are found in the NumberSense Workbooks and the fourth is found in the NumberSense Companion Workbook.

    • NumberSense Workbook
      • Practice pages
      • Calculation strategy pages
      • Concept development pages
        • Fractions
        • Pre-algebra patterning
        • Ratio, rate etc.
    • NumberSense Companion pages

    Each of these pages has a specific teaching approach associated with it.

    Before watching the videos, it may be useful to read through the corresponding NumberSense classroom management notes for each of the page types in the Intermediate Phase Workbooks: 

    Managing a calculation strategy page
    Managing a concept development page
    Managing a companion page