• About the NumberSense Mobile App

    The NumberSense Workbooks 2-12 are available for both Android and iOS devices. Given the nature and design of the app, it is recommended that it is used on a tablet with a 7 inch or larger screen. At this stage, Workbooks 2-12 are available for purchase by individuals and schools. Without losing any of the rich pedagogical approaches that underpin the success of the paper version, the mobile version provides a range of additional benefits:

    • Marking is automatic, providing children with instant feedback.
    • Teachers and parents receive instantly accessible reports on the progress of children.
    • Detailed curriculum-linked feedback and analysis allow for remediation as and where required.

    To use the NumberSense App, follow steps 1 to 4 in the next section, Using the NumberSense App.

    Mail appsupport@NumberSense.co.za for app-related queries and support.