• Research on the NumberSense Mathematics Programme

    The question of research is complicated. We can provide you with a reference list of scholarly articles and publications that have influenced the development of our understanding as a mathematics education community in general, of how children learn mathematics and in particular how this body of knowledge influenced the development of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme.

    In terms of research evidence that the programme is making a difference, we certainly don’t have randomised, double-blind controlled studies – but you don’t get those in education. That said, what we do have is an increasing number of independently verified impact assessments by programmes such as the JumpStart programme which demonstrate the positive impact that the programme has where students improve more than one would expect when compared to the norm. There are also an increasing number of Masters and soon to be some Doctoral students who are basing their research on the NumberSense Mathematics Programme and the publications that we have seen are by and large very positive about its design, philosophy and methodology.

    That said, here are one or two of the comments that we receive from teachers and parents on a regular basis:

    • I’m so impressed with your books and wish the kids had them at school instead of the DBE books. I really can see that they build number sense in a much more profound and robust way than what the curriculum does.
    • My daughter loves the NumberSense workbooks. She used to hate mathematics but now completes 6 pages in no time and has completed 12 pages in the last 2 days. We have to tear her away from the materials. She is so excited for mathematics and her younger brother is doing it with her.