Year: 2018

30 Oct 2018 User Group Feedback Our workshops this semester have been well supported and we are excited by the conversations that have taken place amongst the users of the programme.
20 Aug 2018 NumberSense Product Update We are delighted to introduce the NumberSense Companion Activity Kit and Resources.
01 Aug 2018 NumberSense on Social Media NumberSense has joined social media: Instagram and Twitter.
10 Jul 2018 NumberSense Workbooks: Contributing to research Aarnout Brombacher's international work in mathematics sheds light on early grade understanding of the equal sign.
15 Jun 2018 NumberSense Programme Updates We look forward to our workshops for the 3rd and 4th terms.
15 May 2018 The NumberSense Companion Activity Kit is Ready! The NumberSense Companion Activity Kit and the NumberSense Companion Resources are ready!
02 May 2018 Attention mathematics teachers! Do you teach mathematics in the primary school? You are invited!
27 Apr 2018 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference The NumberSense Mathematics Programme provides an innovative approach to teaching mathematics in the early years.
13 Mar 2018 Should we focus on teachers or students? Excerpt from a conference where Aarnout presented a paper on his research work involving two NumberSense Workbook programmes.