Comprehensive NumberSense Workbooks

The 2024 school year sees the introduction of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme Comprehensive Workbooks. The Comprehensive Workbooks bring together the original Workbook Series with the Companion Series to create a single workbook series. The Comprehensive Workbooks provide a coherent mathematics programme that addresses all the elements of the primary school mathematics curriculum in one place. Without losing the richness of the original materials, combining the two series created the opportunity to further strengthen the already rich NumberSense teaching and learning materials. The NumberSense Mathematics Programme – which includes the Comprehensive Workbooks – provides a robust mathematics programme for Grades R to 7. Schools and teachers using the programme do not have to develop and/or supply additional learning materials.

The Comprehensive Workbooks:

  • Provide a more rigorous approach to Space and Shape (Geometry), Measurement, and Data Handling.
  • Include a completely revised set of Grade 7 workbooks designed to support a smooth transition from Grade 6 to Grade 8.
  • Deliberately structure the use and incorporation of the full range of NumberSense teaching and learning resources.
  • Incorporate a greater use of explanations in Grades 1 to 3 and Grade 7.
  • Have 64 pages per workbook (previously 48) with a set of four workbooks for each school year – a workbook per term.
  • Make use of colour throughout the materials.