17 February 2021

Getting to know NumberSense

  • Developing a robust sense of number and a deep understanding of mathematics

    The NumberSense Mathematics Programme has been created to be responsive to the developmental needs of children, is informed by current research on how children learn mathematics and provides a comprehensive mathematics solution for Grades R to 7.

    Features of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme:

    • A comprehensive, CAPS-aligned mathematics programme for Grades R to 7.
    • Supports differentiated teaching, allowing the children in a class to progress at their own ability level.
    • Focuses on whole class and small group teaching.
    • Integrated and spiral approach to presenting topics.
    • Teaches a range of calculation strategies rather than a single method.
    • Richly-illustrated and engaging content, adaptable to a variety of contexts.
    • Available in all official South African languages for Grades R to 3 and in English and Afrikaans for Grades 4 to 7.


    Covering the curriculum

    The NumberSense Mathematics Programme is aligned with the South African mathematics curriculum. However, the way in which the topics are addressed does not always coincide with the sequence of the current CAPS document. Concepts in the NumberSense and Companion Workbooks follow a developmental trajectory and are visited and revisited on a regular basis. With the completion of each workbook, a child ‘covers the curriculum’ and by completing the workbooks intended for each year, the child does so several times.

    Aspects of the NumberSense Mathematics pedagogy

    • Regular routines for mat work or small groups, which prepare children for independent work.
    • Daily, independent written activities addressing Numbers, Operations and Relationships and Patterns, Functions and Algebra.
    • Activity-based tasks covering Space and Shape, Measurement and Data Handling.


    Resources and Support for users of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme

    In addition to the NumberSense Workbooks and Companion Series, classroom apparatus which supports the fulfillment of the curriculum demands are available for purchase via our online Shop. These include attribute blocks, posters, activity cards, puzzles, kits and a digital version of the workbooks in the form of the NumberSense App.

    The website also provides FREE downloads of a wide variety of teaching aids that will optimize your teaching methods and practice.

    • User Guides for NumberSense Workbooks 1-24
    • User guides for the NumberSense Companion activities and workbooks Gr R-7
    • Print masters of a wide variety of teaching aids
    • Solution sets for NumberSense Workbooks 1-24
    • Lesson plans and curriculum mapping
    • Manipulating Number (mental mathematics) guides and templates
    • Readings and research
    • Assessment tasks


    These can be found under the Resources tab. 

    Mobile App

    The NumberSense Workbooks 2-12 are available for both Android and iOS devices. Without losing any of the rich pedagogical approaches that underpin the success of the paper version, the mobile version provides a range of additional benefits. Visit the App tab for further detail.

    Support for our users

    At NumberSense, we believe that we can learn from and with our users and community. Partner with us and contribute to the growing number of mathematical practitioners cultivating a robust sense of number in classrooms across the country.

    We actively seek to connect with users of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme in a number of ways:

    • SACE-accredited webinars
    • Regular teacher and parent workshops in major centres across the country
    • Annual User Group Conference
    • School support tailored to your school’s specific needs


    Find these under the Events tab.