• Assessment in the NumberSense Classroom

    A workshop handout that supports the development of an annual assessment programme and appropriate assessment tasks for the NumberSense classroom.

    Assessment in a NumberSense Classroom (Grades 4-7)
  • NumberSense Diagnostic Assessment

    In order to access and use the NumberSense Diagnostic Assessment (Grade 4-7), please follow these steps:

    • Read through the User Guide before downloading the recording sheet and stimulus cards.
    • Download the age-appropriate Diagnostic Assessment Stimulus Cards.
    • Download the age-appropriate Diagnostic Assessment Recording Sheet. You will need one sheet per child as this is where you track and record their progress.
    • Should you require the Diagnostic Assessment for 6-8 years, you can find it in the Foundation Phase section.

    Please submit comments and questions to: info@brombacher.co.za

    Diagnostic Assessment User Guide
    Diagnostic Assessment 9-10 years
    Diagnostic Assessment 11+ years
  • Formative Assessment Item Bank

    This bank of mathematics assessment items was developed for the Western Cape Education Department (West Coast District). The purpose of the development of this item bank was to ensure that standardised, grade-specific Formal Assessment Tasks for Grades 4-6 in English and Afrikaans were developed and provided to schools to ensure the improvement of the quality of the assessment tasks in mathematics.

    Formative Assessment Tasks (Grades 4-6 English)
    Formative Assessment Tasks (Grades 4-6 Afrikaans)
  • Summative Assessment

    A set of termly assessments (intended for use at the end of each term) for Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7. These assessment questions are aligned to the NumberSense Mathematics Programme. There is a question paper as well as a memo for each grade. The memo contains the assessment framework and mark allocation as well as detailed responses for each question.

    Grade 4 Summative Assessments
    Grade 5 Summative Assessments
    Grade 6 Summative Assessments
    Grade 7 Summative Assessments