• Manipulating Numbers Workbooks 1-12: 25 questions (oral) per page

    The Manipulating Numbers (mental mathematics) guides are currently available for Workbooks 1 to 12.

    These guides provide daily manipulating number activities linked to each page in the corresponding NumberSense Workbook. There are 25 manipulating numbers questions per page (delivered orally), intended for daily practice.

    The guides for Workbooks 5-12 also contain print master strips which can be copied for the children to do as daily practice. These are included as an addendum at the end of the guide. The Manipulating Number Guides can be downloaded free of charge and printed (we suggest printing in an A5 booklet format for the guide and A4 for the print masters).

    Manipulating Number Workbook 1
    Manipulating Number Workbook 2
    Manipulating Number Workbook 3
    Manipulating Number Workbook 4
    Manipulating Number Workbook 5
    Manipulating Number Workbook 6
    Manipulating Number Workbook 7
    Manipulating Number Workbook 8
    Manipulating Number Workbook 9
    Manipulating Number Workbook 10
    Manipulating Number Workbook 11
    Manipulating Number Workbook 12
  • Manipulating Numbers Workbooks 2-12: Videos providing 25 questions per page

    Here you can view the NumberSense Manipulating Numbers videos which provide 25 mental mathematics questions for each page of the NumberSense Workbooks (2-12).

    Manipulating Numbers videos for Workbooks 2-12
  • Manipulating Numbers Devices

    Posters, templates and resources for class activities:

    • Posters of blank tables, flow diagrams, number chains, number lines and number pyramids. Ready to print, laminate and use. Instructions included.
    • Templates for creating flow diagrams, number chains, number lines, number pyramids and tables.
    • A set of rubber stamps developed for use during the mat work routine.
    • Template for making your own set of Flard Cards.
    • 1-140 Number Chart.
    • Template for making your own number line from 0 to 131. Once assembled, the number line should be rolled up. It can be unrolled to reveal the part of the number line that you would like the children to focus on.
    NumberSense Devices: Posters for mat work
    NumberSense Devices: Word.doc Template
    NumberSense Devices: Stamp Set for mat work
    Flard Cards
    NumberSense Counting Icons Template
    Numberline Template
  • Manipulating Numbers Classroom Routine Video Demonstrations

    Here you can view the demonstration videos of the NumberSense Manipulating Numbers classroom routines.

    Foundation Phase Classroom Routine Videos