3 March 2023

User Group Conference Newsflash

  • The 2023 NumberSense User Group Conference promises to be the best yet!

    Detail on what to expect at this year's Conference.

    The NumberSense Mathematics Programme is undergoing an exciting update! Features of the next version of the NumberSense Workbooks include:

    • Incorporating Geometry, Measurement, and Data Handling directly into the workbooks for all grades.
    • Curriculum mapping by workbook to support planning and reporting against curriculum targets.
    • Grade 7 workbooks that better support the transition from the Intermediate Phase to high school. These workbooks will provide more deliberate and visible structure as well as introductions and worked examples.
    • The use of colour throughout the workbooks.

    The Pre-Conference session of the 2023 NumberSense User Group Conference will provide users with the opportunity to make inputs on these developments.

    What to expect at this year’s Conference
    Making Connections: Using connections to develop number sense

    Pre-Conference session (Friday morning):
    Participants will have the opportunity to review and make inputs on the developments described in the newsflash above to ensure that the workbooks meet and exceed the needs of learners and teachers.

    Breakaway sessions:
    In line with the theme of the conference – connections – the sessions will explore: Connecting the NumberSense Workbooks to the curriculum; Exploring age, grade and number range appropriate use of skills and strategies and the teacher’s role in supporting learners along the journey. In particular, sessions will explore Problems (FND and INT phases), Calculations (FND and INT Phases) and more.
    In addition, there will also be sessions that deal with:

    • Extension activities for learners “that finish before the others”.
    • Using the NumberSense Mathematics Programme in context with learners with special needs; and other contextual realities.
    • Assessment and reporting against the curriculum.


    • Guest speaker(s).
    • Celebration of the 3-millionth NumberSense Workbook milestone.
    • The launch of the NumberSense (Comprehensive) version of the workbooks.

    If you want to optimise the use of the NumberSense Mathematics Programme in your work, the Conference is not to be missed!


    • Date: 19 and 20 May 2023
    • Venue: UCT GSB Academic Conference Centre
      (Protea Hotel by Marriott® Breakwater Lodge, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town)

    For further details and registration, click here: Conference detail