The user guide for the NumberSense Workbook Series consists of the following parts.

Part 1: A discussion on How Children Learn Mathematics. This is an overview of the research and literature on how children learn mathematics that has influenced the development of the NumberSense Workbook Series.

Part 2: A discussion on Using the NumberSense Workbook Series In Your Classroom. This discussion is broken down into two parts:

Teachers teaching Grade 3 should read both sections. The organisation of Grade 3 depends both on the time of the year and the developmental state of the children in the class.

Part 3: The key concepts and important ideas that underpin number sense and how these are developed through teacher led activities and through the written activities in the NumberSense Workbook Series. There are seven key concepts discussed here and developed through the activities in the NumberSense Workbook Series:

Part 4: A user guide for each workbook in the NumberSense Series. These user guides are structured in a way that explains the purpose of each activity on each page, as well as the role of the teacher with respect to getting the most out of each of the activities. Furthermore, there is a general page comment that draws attention to the interrelated nature of the activities on the page.

Brombacher and Associates
21 Jul, 2018