03 Mar 2020 2020 User Group Conference The NumberSense Conference is a wonderful two-day networking and learning opportunity.
13 Jan 2020 Welcome to 2020 Here are some of the support activities that we have planned for the year.
03 Oct 2019 NumberSense Mathematics Programme Term 4 News Managing problem-solving in the NumberSense classroom is a new workshop that focuses on the role of problems.
02 Sep 2019 NumberSense Mathematics Programme User Group Conference 2020 Planning for the 2020 NumberSense User Group Conference is well on track.
08 Aug 2019 World Record: Largest Menger Sponge The NumberSense team has been working with university students and primary school pupils to build a World Record Menger Sponge.
06 Aug 2019 NumberSense Mathematics Programme News We have already enjoyed two excellent sessions in Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg, stimulating much thought and discussion!